View from the Cubicle

'Open' office systems promote communication, provide the opportunity for flexible space configurations and can be arguably offered as an opportunity to cut costs.

Conversations are mitigated via sound masking provided by 'white' noise. Cubicles are for all practical purposes identical.  A 'clean' look is maintained by limiting personal decorations to a lower than wall height.

The limited number of interior walls afford views of exterior light sources.

The Cubicle

My cubicle is 10'x10', has the standard wall height but is unique in its placement abutting a window.  This open approach promotes communication, but complicates 'private' conversations.   As a manager this space makes me perpetually available.


Old Office View

The old office space provided a continuous connection with the outside world through large windows and large offices (100+ SF) placed against the windows. The offices provided privacy, quiet, small meeting capacity and promoted less spontaneous communication with co-workers.


View from the Parking Ramp

The view from the top of the Lemington ramp captures the historic Foshay Tower, the timeless IDS Tower, First Bank Tower, International Centre I & II, and the ATT Tower.
Looking west down 10th street into the afternoon haze toward the Retek Building.