06/13/2003 Fawn Update

It's been slightly more than two weeks, and the fawn is thriving.  Mom leaves generally in the vicinity of our house during the day but it's starting to venture about.  When with the doe it alternates between feeding and running about in a frenzy.  The quality of this recent set is pretty bad since it was taken through a window and a screen.


As you may remember, last year I discovered a very new fawn in my back yard.  On Tuesday evening I was starting to mow my front yard (yes, I do have a teenage son, but don't ask) and was mowing around a small spruce tree.  If you look closely at the bottom you will see a new fawn.  The doe returned at 12:30 at night, fed the fawn right there and then moved the fawn to the back yard when they we this morning.  The doe is making short work of our hostas.