Thomas & I drove up late Saturday AM.  After getting a steak sandwich (and food poisoning) at the local cafe we proceeding to Finlayson.  TJL put coat #3 on the lower bedroom closet while I put the first finish coat on part of the family room.  We stopped about 4:30 to clean up and then met Linda at the Audubon Center of the North for 'Dinner at the Lake,' where we heard Lonnie DuPre talk about his circumvention of Greenland by kayak and dog sled.  Thomas and Linda headed south and I stayed at the Finlayson House.  Sunday AM I put coat #2 on the family room ceiling, finished the first coat of blue and painted the ceiling moulding white.  After stoking the furnace I headed south to have dinner w/ Linda and her mother.  Friday one of us is headed back up to get fuel oil.  We almost made it through the winter on two tanks of 250/300 gallons each.  If we were there full time our oil consumption would be minimal.  We did burn close to a cord and a half of firewood, primarily on weekends.

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