Sunday PM I had had it after struggling through my annual almost too late tax hassle.  A quick message to my boss and a few things in the car and I was gone. Virtually all the snow is melted at Finlayson.  Sunday PM I had a salad and some sort of Stouffer's pasta after a quick stop at Chris's Market in Sandstone.  It was still light at 6:30 PM so I went out and stacked some wood from an earlier trip.  The DVD dejour was something with Robert DeNiro on a run down section of ocean front in New York.  His father had been executed and his son (whom he'd abandoned) was a drug head accused of killing a cop.

Monday AM I was planning on being hard at work by 7:30 at the latest, but 8:15 the whistle blew.

  1. Put up remaining trip at bottom of basement stairs.
  2. Unpacked Delta mitre saw and used it for two cuts.  That was worth the $89.00 alone.
  3. Removed the hardware for the the closet doors in the lower BR.  Used my $19 Coleman screw gun.  The problem seems to be that I should just leave the battery in the charger.
  4. Wood Putty....one of my favorite products on this project.  I must have filled another 50 cracks and knot holes, finally getting some the the really big ones done.  This project seems to have a half life of knot holes.
  5. Primed the section between the basement landing and the family room.  This was a little strange transition section that I did not know what to do with.
  6. Stacked some of the wood that Linda had thrown from in front.
  7. Measured the boat dock.  100 pieces of 5 1/2 " x 48" x 1".
  8. Measure the deer fence.  Seven feet above ground.
  9. Checked out the tractor shed.  The back wall is worse than I thought.  It was resided at one time but the rotten roof has been letting water between the two layers of siding.  I think I can reframe that wall in place and put some 'sister's on the rafters.  Once that is done I can put down some metal roofing.  the question will be whether or not it's necessary to put down new roofing boards.  I think that I will, especially in the worst locations.  The shed is probably a project for June.
  10. Walked for about 45 minutes looking for the NW corner stake of the property.  It must be in the slough and probably has fallen over.  I used my new 'muck' boots that LJG gave me for Xmas.  The slough still was solidly frozen.
  11. Trimmed some of the lower branches on the apple tree.  Upon closer inspection this tree has really been beat up by the deer over the years.  It must have been fenced in at some time. 
  12. Ate some more salad.
  13. Painted the first blue coat at the bottom of the stairs.  This had been one of my test sections but I'm just focusing on getting the lower level done. 
  14. Tried removing some carpet glue.  The wind from the lake side was howling so there was plenty of ventilation but I think the floor was too cold to work well.  This will be delayed until later, perhaps July.

Next Trip



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