What a beautiful March day.  It was sunny and must have been 70 degrees.  Arriving at 10:45 AM I walked the property w/ a new brush scythe wacking blackberry bushes with monster thorns.  The plan is to take the fenced area, remove the blackberry plants, thin the trees and get another garden going. The fence is about 7-8 feet high so this should eliminate the deer.

Linda and Thomas arrived about 12:45 and promptly started painting.  Linda worked on the the doors for the bedroom (primer coat) and painted out the trim on the door.  Thomas quietly put the second coat of blue on virtually all of the family room. The next trip will include painting the second coat on the FR trim and touching up the ceiling molding.  I did determine that the bedroom needs another coat of white on the ceiling.

We walked the property and spent some time on the lake side.  Linda worked the new Fiskers bypass shears for a while and Thomas & I split and stacked a small pile of wood.  After a quick drive home we stopped and saw Anne at Wendy's.  It's 11 now and the Oscars are over so it's time for sleep.