January 23, 2005

The previous weekend we were going to head up to Finlayson to spend the weekend but we bailed because of the prediction of very cold weather.  That was a bad mistake.  Our pump room is an eight by eight room off the basement, separated by a common door.  It is well insulated and I normally leave two 100 Watt lights on during the cold months and even open the door a few inches.  Well...well, the lights burned out and we froze two copper pipes and the pump.  I met the nice people (Gary) from Rosga Well and they quickly and efficiently replaced the pump.  However it did not produce water.  I've had the electric heating tape and two electric heaters plugged in for three days and the supply line from the sand point well must still be frozen outside.  At this point it many be spring before there is water.

The following two photographs display the damaged (who am I kidding....wrecked) pump.