This was a two weekend deal.  Last weekend I started the NW bedroom floor and put about 1/3 of it down.  On SAT of this weekend I finished the floor and put down the molding.  Linda and Thomas came up (with food) and that really helped.  TJ drove home in Linda's car about 6:30 SAT so he could party with Jenny Barnes and family.  Linda and I worked until about 8:30 (I was really dragging) and then drove home stopping at Denny's in North Branch for a Grand Slam breakfast at 9:30 PM.  I could hardly talk (unusual) or move.  Upon arrival I home I took a quick shower and went to bed and slept like a rock, except for moaning with exhaustion.

Monday TJ & drove up to finish up the closet (2) molding and get the bathroom ready to paint.  On both days Tommy spent a lot of time hauling stuff up and down and assembling furniture.  We are planning getting the first floor wrapped up on Good Friday, including the bathroom painting of one coat Kilz, two coats on the ceiling and a finish coat of some sort of Phase I color.  It's pretty much a wrap then except for some other molding, the entranceway, the patio door to the sun porch and the sun porch proper.