Thomas Leeper

El Lago del Bosque

Camp Minne-Wa-Kan

Route 2, Box 143

Cass Lake, MN56633


Greetings Thomas:


Yesterday I was walking through the Rainbow up on highway 96, the one just west of the Dairy Queen, which I bet you wish you were at right now; Well, Anne has had two blizzards every day which of course she has to eat with her retainer out, which is no problem since sheís been putting her slimy retainer on your pillow every night which is not so bad because Iím not sure that she did not clean the phumf from between her toes with your toothbrush.So I was walking through the fruit section and who comes walking up like some major geek, what am I talking about, more like some oddball Jurrassic Park character, and I was thinking that maybe he should get eaten off the toilet like Jeff Goldblum, like looking up in the air and all he sees is T-Rex spit and teeth but that doesnít happen.What I really see is waving arms and glasses and this deep voiced geek kind of guy and he goes into some elaborate long pointless monologue about opportunites and the beginning of school and this and that and that and this and you know itís like Dell, like Dellwood or Delmar or whatever the Dell he is and he says ďThomasĒ and I canít hear anything else except this waving arm and eyeglass popping characature and I canít hear much at all except I realize that I have to listen because he said your name and Iím worried because Momís in the car and Iím supposed to be using the coupons she gave me and I think that I should just throw them away so I doÖI put them underneath a couple of cantelope except that two good looking girls kind of look and me and smile, maybe laugh and Iím thinking what is going on and I see Mom driving by the front of the Rainbow and sheís got this ugly look and I know that Iím in trouble so I dig out the cantelope hidden coupons and thereís trouble right now from some sort of juice that was underneath the fruit and running down that green plastic grid that they put all the fruit on, not just the cantelope that I know you would not eat anyway but now the girls are talking to the Broadway Pizza guys so I know that they probably never smiled at me anyway or maybe it was some joke they heard about cantelope or maybe they saw Delmar waving his arms and Iím carrying the little green basket because I didnít think that I needed the cart but there are already two grapefruit in one end of the basket which is tipped to one side and Iím wondering what I can buy that will level this out but the coupon thing means Iím going to have to go out to the car and ask Mom for her coupon box which sheís lost in her red car which smells like some bad combination of Lottieís house and Helenís apartment.Anyway, now the cantelope girls are picking pizza out of their braces and I donít think that looks so good but Delmar is still there and I know that Iíve lost it totally, not having the groceries purchased that Mom gave me the coupons for and not getting anything that I really like at the store like orange juice or those chocolate covered entemannís donouts or some good bread, not that whiteboy whitebread that you and Anne like to stuff yourselfs with and some bannanas which at 39 cents a pound are still a bargain when you slice them up on your honey nut Cheerios.So Dell or Del or what the Del says he knows about the combination problem but they finally got it straightened out and when they opened the locker they found your watch.


Just kidding.

I hope that you are there and that you are having fun.Iím having Mom mail this on Saturday, so I donít know when it will arrive.Although we have not been to the cabin (itís Friday) Iím sure that we will.One can assume that we will have our standard for either lunch or dinner.Thanks also for helping me stack up wood (I think that will happen).


Youíre a super dude.


This year try to establish some friendships that you think you would like to coordinate with for going next year.That would be a good goal.


I love you and promise that all my letters will be very normal (sucker!!!)


Love, Dad!!!!!!!!!~


P.S.Watch your watch

††††††† Donít forget hour little joke

††††††† Donít let it out of your sight for a second

††††††† Watch the TimexFiles for the answer