Thomas Leeper

El Lago del Bosque

Camp Minne-Wa-Kan

Route 2, Box 143

Cass Lake, MN  56633


Greetings Thomas:


Well, how are things going at El Lago del Bosque.  Who can fart the loudest in your cabin?  I had a wonderful time withyou at the cabin on Saturday.  You did a great job of cleaning the bird poop off the dock.  Your opportunity to serve as commander of our yacht was also pretty doggone neat, even if your approach to the dock left a bit to be desired. Crash, clunk, scrape, screech, collision!!! Sinking ship…eaten by muskies, knawed (sp?) by snapping turtles, floundering for air as the mighty Lake Eleven sinks in a terrifying three feet of water….it’s passengers left in tepid green water up to their navels…so much for your naval career!!!

How is the food?  I bet it’s just like eating at Taco John’s ßshows how cool I am.  Who is in your family?  What is the gender mix?  Who are your cabin counselors?  Are they cool?  Do they speak English?  Do they pick their noses?


All is well here, as well as it can be.  Mom misses you every second.  I miss you whenever I see bird poop on a dock (kidding…I miss you) and Anne is a girl and just wants to have fun.  She appears to be sleeping for most of the time that you are at camp.  She has a lot of dirty laundry, and has been storing it on your bed.  I’ll get you a big can of Lysol disinfectect for a welcome home present.


Delmar called and said that he still has your watch but that you will have to tune in the TimexFiles for a clear understanding of how it came to be there; now, Del, he might just be an alien.


How’s the swimming in Lake Andrusia? Do you have to wear suits or do you get to go skinny dipping?  I am thinking fondly this moment at your cruel malicious intent when you dunked me out of my tube at the will pay water-boy!!!!!!!


I love you buckaroo,

Best wishes,

Til the next dunking,