Thomas Leeper

El Lago del Bosque

Camp Minne-Wa-Kan

Route 2, Box 143

Cass Lake, MN56633


Greetings Thomas:


How's the Spanish going? 







Greetings Thomas:


Itís overcast and cloudy here today.Supposedly it will be sunnier and cooler later on.Sometime in the next ten days or so I need some 80 Ė 85 degree weather so that I can extract my honey from North Branch.Do you think that you guys will be able to sell much more honey @ the farmerís market?I hope so!!


Tuesday A.M. I am going to work.Iím on a committee called the Ryan Foundation which gives away about $100,000 per year. We sit around a table eating bagels and rolls and talking about what we consider to be good worthwhile organizations to donate to.Iíve really enjoyed that process.


So your career choices are something related to birds and/or something related to computers.Weíll have to talk a bit more about that.Do you plan on adding bilingual competence to your resume.Knowing Spanish would be very helpful.I would like to to know some Spanish, as well.Maybe I should take a class.What do you think?


Itís 6:54 AM and Iím sitting at the computer.Mom is drinking coffee and reading the paper as she makes Anne and I scrambled eggs and pancakes with real maple syrup.Just kidding, sheís snoring, but of course she doesnít snore.Sorry I must have drifted off myself for a moment.


Hopefully you are having good weather, the bugs arenít too bad and your sandles are in one piece.I could send some super glue with you, but of course they would assume that you would be sniffing or inhaling it so that would be contraband.By the way donít ever get into that.It may be cool, but it causes major brain damage.Watch some of those shows on Central American street children; itís terrible.


Donít forget to send a quick note to Grandma Lilly.


See you very soon, buckaroo!