Thomas Leeper

El Lago del Bosque

Camp Minne-Wa-Kan

Route 2, Box 143

Cass Lake, MN  56633


Greetings Thomas:




The weather is really unusual here today.  As I drove closer to home it was sunny but the wind was howling and snow was blowing across the road and filling the gutter with strange drifts made of white snowflakes and green lawn clippings.  People were standing outside in their shorts and winter boots looking strangely into the sky.  It was so deep I couldn’t even get in the driveway.  Finally I was able to break my way through the drifts up to the garage where I dug out the snowblower from underneath all the lawn crap that’s been piled there all summer.  With great effort on my part and some hesitation on thepart of the snowblower, it finally started (Roald was inside with his nose stuck to the window). I started down the driveway and heard a awful little clunking sound.  The drive shaft has sort of a safety pin that breaks when you hit something solid, but the auger was still turning.  Right at that moment another gust of wind blew snow around me in a counter-clockwise  tornado sort of thing.  I quickly looked up into the sky and saw something falling; reaching out with my left hand (I can’t catch very well with my right hand) I caught your watch.


Watch the TimexFiles 


How is the world of Spanish? Everyone I talk to sounds really impressed that you have gone to Concordia Language camp not one, but two years.  That’s pretty interesting that you’ve been able to start the summer with a cool experience (I mean hot in Madison) and end the summer with a neat program on Lake Andrusia.  Do you get to go outside at night?  I see that there is nearly a full moon; that must look good across the water.  Have you met any cool kids or are they dorks?  Your sister misses you so much that she’s putting all her empty cherry coke cans in your bed; there were probably some empty dorito bags as well.  When I criticized her effort of putting doritos in your bed, she responded “it will enhance his Spanish experience!”  Not my place to argue with that logic….


If the weather is good on Wednesday I may head up to North Branch and retrieve my honey supers and then extract them on Thursday.  We don’t know yet where we will stay on Friday night, but we’ll be somewhere on the way to pick you up…unless I tell you to take the bus, Gus (or Gusto)  (or El Gusto), Enrique.


I love you and think of you all the time.  Have fun and don’t spend much time thinking about Shoreview…remember you want to drag it out as long as possible, school starts in a couple of days…ha ha ha on you.