South of the border,

Down Mexico way, I met my seniorita along the way…..

Thomas Leeper

El Lago del Bosque

Camp Minne-Wa-Kan

Route 2, Box 143

Cass Lake, MN  56633


Greetings Thomas:

This morning the weather is very cloudy and muggy.  I’m waiting to see if the sun burns it off….I may go take my honey supers off…how do you say honey super in Spanish





Today is Tuesday, how do you say Tuesday in Spanish.  The weather is cloudy, how do you say cloudy in Spanish.  Maybe we should go to the NHRA (national hot rod association) races in Brainerd, how do you say national hot rod association in spanish. 

Text Box: Top Ten Things That Anne says about you!
1.	you never shower
2.	you’re stupid
3.	she misses you
4.	you spill all the time
5.	she misses you
6.	You’re mom’s little pet
7.	She misses you
8.	You’re a know it all
9.	She misses you
10.	She misses you





We have a chipmunk in out attic.  Mom and Anne are totally flipped out….it was thrashing about on top of that aluminum baffle where the ceiling fan was last night.  At first I thought it was a bat, but it clearly was running around frantically.  One opinion was to simply turn on the fan and turn it into a chipmunk-o-matic….remember the John Belushi Bass-o-matic from Saturday night live?


What exactly are you learning?

How does it compare to last year?

Are the counselors bettor or worse?

Are the kids dummer or smarter?

Tell me about the kids in you cabin?

Did you find out who was from Shoreview?

Do you know where Shoreview is?

Enrique, Enrigue blah blah blah

Can Dad’s come stay there?

Could I learn anything?

Am I trainable?

Would that embarrass you if I came?

Can I have your bunk?

How do you like the top bunk?

What day did you get this?

What day is this?


IT’s 9:05 AM in the morning and Mom wants to know what I want to do about lunch!!!! Can I come stay with you?