Wild Dogs Attack Homeowners in Shoreview

Late on the evening of July 26, 2002, wild dogs attacked us under cover of darkness.  Crazed with hunger and the scent of horsemeat and a cheap carbohydrate letdown they rushed from the darkness, undeterred by our flashing lights, screams and threats and restrictive covenants and zoning regulations
First to arrive was this bastard recently seen ripping the udders from neighbor's cows, but  now  camoflauged   it's canivorous history with a nice haircut and a 'look at me' collar from WalMart.
The larger she-devil canine with bone crushing jaws timed its attack to bring the victim to the ground, its eyes filled with fire and its mouth dripping with blood and dog drool.
Crazed with the taste of blood this beast from hell positioned himself to leap directly to the vicims throat ripping the airway, tendons and muscles with it's huge canines, undeterred by the threat of heartworm and rabies..
With the neighbors remains but a scent on the wind and a stain on the concrete the wild hounds celebrated their beastly act with a release of a musky scent  and a howl to their devil gods on the dark side of  the moon.